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July, 22

Tuscany at Expo: an initial evaluation

Last day of Tuscany in Shanghai. Regional stand was one of the most visited


July, 16

The day of the Tuscan Health

The Regional Conference on Health at the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai. 70 businesses on mission to China

From dummy to clone

Cad Modelling is an SME Florentine leader in the analysis of the body at a distance. Founded in 1968 as a study of industrial design has assumed leadership in the field of modeling technique and quality control for textiles and clothing.

The company mission is to provide the manufacturing of textiles and apparel production solutions that can ensure the highest levels of fit, innovation and safety. Founder is Mr. Silvio Quattrocolo. Trained as a tailor in the '30s, Quattrocolo has always worked in the textile and clothing sector as a consultant for important companies worldwide working to provide companies the ability to set their output on the real market needs.

More than 400 clothing companies in worldwide use for over 30 years of CAD Modelling Ergonomics solutions based on the theory of the compliance of company founder Silvio Quattrocolo.

Company profile.pdf

The solution Scanfit Body: Brochure.pdf

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